Missouri Trump Rally was So Big, 20,000 People couldn’t fit

The audience that showed up for President Trump’s campaign meeting for the Republicans at Missouri was indeed magnificent. Twitter was on fire during the course of the whole campaign, as plenty of people posted updates from the lines outside and the crowd within. With such meager representations from the Democratic side, it was good to finally see a healthy line of people standing up for what President Donald Trump believes to be is right.

However, in a new shocking revelation, it has come out that there were over 20,000 people that might have had turned back in the Missouri rally. Due to limited audience capacity in the hall, more than 20,000 people had to go back and run the disappointment of not seeing their favorite and charismatic president talk.

These facts have been revealed by the Attorney General of Missouri Josh Howley, who believes that over 20,000 people weren’t able to attend the rally because of space constraints.

“Do you know we had to turn away about 20,000 people or something that could not get into the stadium to be here tonight and see this man,” Hawley said after the rally with Trump, “The reaction has been unbelievable for us.”

Hanson has also mentioned that Trump asked him to get the biggest stadium possible so he could fill it up with his supporters. Such is the trust of Trump in Republican supporters that he knows they will fill up the stadiums no matter what.

In other reports, local media from Missouri has also reported that a line over 2 miles long was witnessed standing outside the convention center. The first people in the line had lined up by 2:00 am in the night.

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