Migrant Gang Turns German Club into Warzone

Give room to immigrants from third world countries and you would experience third world issues.

Germany has been very vocal with its support for third world immigrants and refugees, and it has recently started witnessing a rapid increase in crime rates. Not just terror-based activities, but the levels of normal street crime and acts of vandalism are increasing rapidly.

Just recently, over the weekend, two men were refused entry in a club in Germany by the bouncers standing outside. The nightclub located in Bad Oeynhausen, a city in Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, was then subjected to an act of brutality by a gang of 18 Iraqis.

The 2 Iraqi men, who were not allowed entry into the nightclub ‘Mondo’, came back with a gang of 18 other heavily armed men. Two of the men had pistols with them, while the others came with clubs and other heavy equipment. The CCTV footages from the incident show that the men with pistols started shooting at the people standing in the lobby.

Police reports coming from the location have mentioned that both the bouncers were heavily injured.

However, no casualties as such were noted. Accounts from the witnesses report that the armed men were speaking a foreign language, which has been identified by the police investigators. The men have been verified to belong from an Iraqi clan.

With problems like this one arising in countries with refugees and migrants, Trump’s decision to limit the number of yearly immigrants sounds like a good one. The United States cannot do with trouble created by people coming from foreign lands. Hence, it is in the best interest of the country that immigrants are restricted and that there are barriers to their entry.

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