“Liberals Can’t Bully Me!” – Kanye Speaks Out

Kanye West has chosen to speak out an issue that caused a storm a few months back. It all started when he uploaded picture of himself on Twitter in a “Make America Great Again”. As you’d expect, the sight of an African-American self-made man supporting Donald Trump did not sit well with the liberals who started a campaign against him online.

On Thursday’s episode for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kanye touched on the subject and added that despite being warned not to wear the hat for financial reasons, he was being bullied not to do so. He said that he thought about doing and was so ready for the backlash that he knew was coming.

He said that he did not like the tune that the mainstream media had taken.

“Portraying Trump as a vile monster while censoring his speeches in certain ways that fit their own agenda, that’s not how I want to choose my candidate”. He also said that the narrative had been set where black people are supposed to vote for Democrats no matter what. That did not sit well with him as he said that when he actually heard what Trump had to say and the promises that he was making, he was the logical candidate.

He also stated that he had to wait for nearly 18 months before he had the courage to actually upload that picture. He said that he was scared of taking on the world but slowly built up the courage to actually take the step.

He decried the fact that the mainstream media, the liberals and even his own colleagues had tried to pressurize him into voting Democrat.

Watch the full interview below.

Emmy Skylar

Emmy Skylar started working for Debate Report in 2017. Emmy grew up in a small town in northern Manitoba. But moved to Ontario for university. Before joining Debate Report, Emmy briefly worked as a freelance journalist for CBC News.  She covers politics and the economy.

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