Kim Jong Un and Pompeo Agree to Second Summit Between North Korea and U.S.

Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea, and Mike Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State, have agreed to arrange a second summit between both the nation as soon as possible. The news was released from the South Korea’s presidential office late on Sunday.

Pompeo is recently on a trip to both South and North Korea, and met South Korea’s President in a meeting and the premier from North Korea as well. The press secretary of South Korea’s president said in a statement that Pompeo and Kim talked about denuclearization steps to be taken by North Korea.

Pompeo and Kim were eager to proceed with talks during the meeting and the both of them also agreed to form a working group for the discussion of the denuclearization process at the second summit to be held between Kim and President Trump.

Pompeo also tweeted about his meetings, and mentioned that he and Kim had a good time during the talks.

He said that both the nations “continue to make progress on agreements made at the Singapore summit,” directly referring to the historic June meeting held between Trump and Kim resulting in a vague agreement with the North to denuclearize.

Kim and Pompeo sat down for a meal in Pyongyang, after the Secretary of State was welcomed by the government. “It’s a very nice day that promises a good future for both countries,” said Kim to Pompeo as both of them sat down for the meal.

“Yeah, so we had a great, great visit this morning,” replied Pompeo. “Thank you for hosting, President Trump sends his regards. And we had a very successful morning so thank you and I am looking forward to our time here at lunch as well.”

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