Kavanaugh Sworn in and Trump Unleashed; How the Weekend Went

This weekend saw a lot happen in American politics. There has been growing tensions since the past couple of weeks with the Kavanaugh allegations, and then the Senate sessions. But, all of that came to a climax this weekend. And, it was the perfect end that the Republicans wanted. Judge Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice on Saturday night; after news came out that he had been confirmed by the Senate.

Senate members, who had heard Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford, realized that there wasn’t much truth to what Dr. Ford was saying, and that Kavanaugh was indeed the perfect man for the job.

Kavanaugh was quickly sworn in after the verdict came out. A lot of time already has been wasted by the Democrats, and it is good to see Judge Kavanaugh in office now. He deserves this position, and all the false allegations thrown at him by Democratic influenced institutions haven’t stopped him from getting it.

He is finally in office, and things have returned to normalcy.

President Trump was also active over the weekend, and was present in Kansas. The President flew to Topeka, Kansas during the weekend to rally for the Republican candidates standing from the region for the midterm elections.

Trump took an aggressive stance towards the Democrats, and rightly called them ‘the party of crime’. Trump was harsh in his criticism of the blue army and said that bringing them into power is the equal of giving matches to an arsonist.

“You wouldn’t give matches to an arsonist, and you can’t give power to Democrats. Democrats are open borders. Democrats support violent sanctuary cities. Republicans think America should be a sanctuary and law-abiding Americans,” said Trump.

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Emmy Skylar

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