#JustDoIt: Nike and Colin Kaepernick need to learn the true meaning of sacrificing everything

President Donald Trump sacrificed his multi-Billion dollar business to become the President of the United States for no wage, even though that’s lots he still didn’t sacrifice EVERYTHING.

Colin Kaepernick sacrificed his NFL career just to be hired and paid million by Nike.

So what exactly did Kaepernick sacrifice?

According to the Nike and Kaepernick supporters he sacrificed EVERYTHING, his new campaign with the slogan “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything” is worth millions by Nike and many of his followers.

Twitter users are mocking the campaign and boycotting Nike which resulted the company shares to slide by 3 percent on the first day.

One Twitter user added President Trump to the Nike video with the ‘Just Do It’ slogan.

Another user added Mike Tyson to the ad.

Nike and Colin Kaepernick are both wrong, they need to learn the true meaning of sacrificing EVERYTHING, like veterans who lost their lives to give Kaepernick his freedom, the very thing they’re protesting against, the National Anthem.

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Emmy Skylar

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