Juan Guaido to Attend a Meeting with Us Vice President After the Awful Weekend in Venezuela

The (self-declared) interim president (and opposition leader, may we add) Juan Guaido has arrived in Bogota, Columbia on Sunday, and he’s ready to take part in a meeting with the US Vice President Mike Pence.

Guaido is currently battling with President Nicolas Maduro for the country. Guaido made a trip after the violent weekend that happened in Venezuela when the military blocked food supplies from crossing the border from Colombia.

285 people were hurt, and 37 needed hospital care after the Venezuelan National Guard threw in the face of protesters gas and bullets made out of rubber. It all happened near the Colombian border on Saturday. It’s been also said that at least five people were also killed in a clash with Venezuelan security forces.

How many people were actually hurt?

CNN was not able to confirm the number of fatalities, but the UN high commissioner from the human right, called Michelle Bachelet, stated that there were four deaths and 300 injuries that took place on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday nothing much happened, except clashed that broke out again, that took place near the border of Columbia. Witnesses saw dozens of people throwing rocks towards the officials from Venezuela, and they fired back with bullets made out of rubber. However, there were no injuries reported for this accident.

Maduro made an official statement on Sunday. He said that people are united on the streets, and they’re alert from every corner of the country. He said he relies on men and women who want to fight for justice, and he’s counting on them not to lower their guard and fight for the peace of Venezuela.

Guaido, when he arrived in Bogota, said that they’d seen awful crimes because of a shipment of humanitarian aid. He also said that Venezuela is in crisis.

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