Irene O’shea becomes oldest skydiver at 102-years-old

Australian Irene O’Shea becomes the oldest lady in history to parachute. This was his third jump.

She had already made her first jump on her 100th birthday.  

Mashable reports that his grandchildren and great-grandchildren were waiting for him to land.  

The lady more than a century old does not go off in the air just for adrenaline. Irene O’Shea also realized her feat to raise funds to fight neurodegenerative diseases. Her own daughter died from this type of illness 10 years ago.  

A jump to 4000 meters of altitude

Still, holding a record was not her main goal as the centenary achieved this feat in order to help research against neuromotive diseases, whose daughter died 10 years ago, at the age of 67 . And she intends to achieve this through the fundraising campaign launched on the site GoFundMe.

irene o shea oldest skydiver
irene o shea oldest skydive

Her performance shows that at any age, we can still afford some foolishness and nothing is impossible.

Irene O’Shea holds the world record for the oldest person to parachute but she is not registered in the Guinness Book . The oldest paratrooper to have achieved this record so far is Kenneth Meyer who jumped parachute at the age of 102 years and 172 days in 2017.

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  1. On my first date with my future wife. She stated that she wanted to go skydiving. The very next weekend, we were skydiving and I have to admit that I probably left scratch marks from my fingernails when we exited the door of the plane. After landing, my future wife was jumping up,and down with excitement and asked if we could jump again? Not wanting to wimp out, I said sure.

  2. Life is backwards. By the time we reach the age where we have both money AND time, and there isn’t much left to lose, which is PERFECT for doing things like sky diving, the stupid body isn’t working that well. Oh well, try to match spending, income, and lifespan anyway.

  3. I saw her tonight on 2 news broadcasts. She’s quite an amazing woman and more power to her! I hope she can do the same next year if she wants. Not only is she brave and spunky, she’s giving to help others after a tragedy of her own.

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