Iran Sanctions Officially Re-imposed

Another promise that President Donald Trump made during his campaign trail that has reached its fruition. When he made the proclamation that he would be withdrawing from the one-side Iran-nuclear deal, the mainstream media dubbed it “a diplomatic folly”. However, despite the pressure, President Trump did what he promised.

Now, he’s gone up a notch and delivered on another Iran-related promise. The sanctions that had remained imposed on Iran for decades were re-imposed and had a lot of other strings that are meant to choke Iran economically and politically.

Iran, now finds itself without any major political or economic allies as the new version of the sanctions carries stern action against states that attempt to do any sort of business with the Islamic Republic.

The terrible Iran nuclear deal that was championed by Barack Obama required virtually nothing from Iran. It didn’t require the country to freeze its support for known terrorist organizations or to sop its use of funds intended to fund terrorists in other country, notably Israel, a known ally of the Western world including Canada.

The new sanctions are already being hailed as the final nail that will finally disrupt the repressive Iranian regime that has been accused of several Human Rights’ abuses against its own citizens.

The sanctions are expected to remain in place until the regime in Tehran takes meaningful actions in terms of curbing its continued support of terrorist outfits in the region. Another major condition is its definite closure of its Uranium enrichment program.

The sanctions are intended to hurt Iran’s already fragile foreign trade. In light of these latest sanctions, Iran will not be able to deal in US Dollars, won’t be able to trade in gold and other precious metals. It also sanctions Iran’s automotive industry while freezing the purchase of all its sovereign debt.

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