Increasing Wage Growth: 201,000 New Jobs Added in August

Donald Trump has proved to be far better and resilient than what they expected of him. The economy is now under immense control, and every month we see the addition of 200,000 plus jobs to the economy. This is an incredible margin, which when kept intact would fuse the fire of hate coming from the left/democrats/media.

Anyone with sufficient information of the labor market would understand the dynamics of what is happening in the market here. Consider the example of a market where there are few jobs, but a lot of labor. In such a situation, you will have people left unemployed and the wages run low.

However, the situation in the American labor market is the opposite of this. The situation right now is that we have too many jobs rising up despite the less labor available in the market. This will ensure that the wages go up because industrialists and companies will realize that they need the labor more than the extra cost savings.

This dynamic change in the labor market may lag for a quarter or two at most, but it would soon become a trend to look out for.

This is phasing out exactly the way Trump and his economic team said it would. His economic brilliance has meant that it does not happen any other way. The economy is at an adrenaline rush— much of what we are seeing right now is unchartered territory. If there were any other president at the helm, we might feel skeptical and consider this boom as the calm before the storm. But no.

With Trump at the helm, we’ve got nothing to worry about.

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About the Author: Emmy Skylar

Emmy Skylar started working for Debate Report in 2017. Emmy grew up in a small town in northern Manitoba. But moved to Ontario for university. Before joining Debate Report, Emmy briefly worked as a freelance journalist for CBC News.  She covers politics and the economy.

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