Here’s Trump’s top four Accomplishments since 2016

Ever since President Donald Trump took charge of presidency, he has been subjected to a lot of undue criticism.

Media outlets showing fake news have been on his toes and have given their best shot at hindering his way.

However, Trump has not lost hope and has gone by his business undeterred by what is happening around him.

He has had a principled stance on foreign affairs, has displayed harshness where due, and has been his loving self when it was the need of the hour. In all fairness, one has to appreciate the fact that Trump has had quite a stint as of yet.

Here we mention some of his accomplishments to honor the legend for the work he has done and will continue to do.

Sanctity of Human Life

• Spoke Live at the March for Life

• Cut off taxpayer funding towards U.N. Population Fund

• Issued notification to stop taxpayer funding of abortion as per ObamaCare plan

• Signed an order to restore Mexico City Policy

Religious Liberty

• Protected Religious Freedom through formation of new laws.

• Hosted a ministerial to advance religious freedom in America for the first time ever!

• Took endless actions related to sex matters involving homosexual and transgender.

• Ordered IRS to refrain from enforcing restrictions on political activities and discourse in Churches

Foreign Affairs

• Shifted Israeli capital to Jerusalem by moving the U.S. embassy there.

• Cut $300 million in useless aid to Pakistan.

• Pulled out of Iran Nuclear Deal for the betterment of the world.

• Tried bringing peace between Korean neighbors and even participated in a summit in Singapore.


• Black and Hispanic unemployment is at a record low

• Business ownership for black people has jumped by 400 percent.

• Increased consumer confidence

• Increased business investments

• Decreased youth unemployment – at a 52 year low.

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Emmy Skylar

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