Google Executives Criticize Trump In Leaked Tape During Conservative Bias Crisis

Tech giant Google received backlash on social media after Breitbart published leaked tapes showing senior officials criticizing Donald Trump’s election victory.

The tape was released amid conservative bias crisis from nearly every platform that has political voices, conservative accounts are being banned and leftist propaganda voices are allowed to stay, like Maxine Waters for example who openly admitted she threatens Trump supporters all the time.

The response to President Trump’s election by high profile figures who are in control of the internet shows a clear path of conservative bias, and is somewhat hilarious.

“It felt like a kick in the butt.”

The Google Tapes shows a weekly meeting known to google as “TGIF”, meaning Thank God It’s Friday, the panel featured co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, VPs Kent Walker and Eileen Naughton, CFO Ruth Porat, and CEO Sundar Pichai.

Here’s a few highlights from the leaked video, watch.

The groups expressed their frustration after Hillary Clinton lost and also hoped that Donald Trump is just a Hiccup in the coming years.

“Google needs to fight to ensure that populist movements around the world are merely a blip and a “hiccup” in the arc of history that bends towards progress.”

Google co-founder Sergey Brin says himself and many people finds Donald Trump very offensive.

Google has since denied the allegations of conservative bias.

“At a regularly scheduled all hands meeting, some Google employees and executives expressed their own personal views in the aftermath of a long and divisive election season. For over 20 years, everyone at Google has been able to freely express their opinions at these meetings,” a Google spokesperson said. “Nothing was said at that meeting, or any other meeting, to suggest that any political bias ever influences the way we build or operate our products.”

Read the full report on Breitbart.

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