Grows After Conservative Bias From Tech Giants

If you read most of your news on Twitter then you probably heard of, the social network platform without a conservative bias.

Gab’s Alexa ranking hit top 10,000 websites in the world recently proving the network is growing with more traffic during a time other platforms banned conservative voices such as Alex Jones.

This is the first time the social network platform reached top 10,000 Alexa rank since it’s launch in May 2017. The site ranked 10,160 in September 2018.

The platform was founded by Andrew Torba and Ekrem Büyükkaya when they received million dollar crowdfunding and currently have around 500,000 members.

Since the social media purge escalated the company will continue to grow without stopping, their Twitter account stated they added 10,000 users in a single day last week.

Gab has been suspended from the Google play store multiple times for “hate speech,” but it’s hard to trust Google to moderate hate speech when their founder compares Trump voters to fascist, read here.

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Emmy Skylar

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