Facebook To Start Fact-Checking Memes

Memes are one of the most popular post for viral content on social media, memes on Facebook can go viral almost immediately and last for days sometimes received thousands of shares within hours.

The tech company said they want to close down on Russian propaganda that could be influencing elections using human and technology based tools.

Facebook said they will remove pictures and videos that are used to spread misinformation.

Memes are a way for the average user to post their opinions using a pictures and videos and sometimes get removed for Facebook’s version of “offensive posts.”

The company uses several fact-checking websites to moderate articles posted on the platform, but with President Trump in office social media platforms put themselves into a Conservative bias crisis, banning conservative voices and words like “illegal alien” and “illegal refugees.”

When Facebook removes images or memes they usually also ban the person behind it for up to 30 days and sometimes disable their accounts without reason and any response to emails.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube’s days of controlling what people see are numbered.

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Emmy Skylar

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