Duterte angered by Trudeau’s comments

MANILA, Philippines – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was praised by an international rights group for expressing his thoughts about the deadly crackdown conducted by the Philippines president on illegal drugs, on Thursday. He said that the “quiet diplomacy” which is adopted by the U.S. President Donald Trump along with the rest of the world will not be enough for us to stop the drug killings.

Trudeau showed his concerns about the right abuses and killings that were extrajudicial to the reporters in Malina on Tuesday, when he met the President of Philippine right before the annual summit with the South Asian counterparts.

Among the 20 heads of the state, Trudeau was the only one who had travelled to the summit meetings to Manila and expressed his concerns about the drug crackdown publicly.

When asked to talk on Trudeau’s comments, Duterte said that he was insulted and angered.

Phelim Kine of the U.S, based Human Rights Watch said that the decision took by Trudeau to speak publicly about Duterte was “deliberate, strategic and principled.”

It has been a year into Duterte’s crackdown and Thousands of people have lost their lives, “no foreign leader, including Donald Trump and ASEAN heads of state, can reasonably be still under the illusion that soft-pedaling concerns about the ‘drug war’ will prod Duterte to stop the killings and take meaningful moves toward accountability,” said Kine.

What Trudeau said exactly to Duterte’s spokesman isn’t clear or confirmed, as we were told by Harry Roque,

“confident that beyond stating that Canada is firmly committed to human rights, nothing else was said in the private and very short talk between President Duterte and Trudeau.”


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