Describing Trump’s Economic Miracle in Words

The economy for the United States is the strongest in the world currently, and it is showing no signs of slowing down at anytime in the future. Just last week we saw another unprecedented detail as unemployment rates for September dropped down to just 3.7 percent. This is the lowest rate of unemployment ever since 1969.

Besides the general populace, unemployment among Latinos, Hispanics, and African Americans has also decreased to record levels.

Hispanic and Latino unemployment rate has been marked at 4.5 percent, which is at an all-time low in history.

African American unemployment rate is at 6 percent— almost near the all time low.

Now, one would think that with more people employed the average pay per person might have gone down. But that’s not the case. Not only are all Americans working more, but they are also earning more currently.

Compared to September last year, we have seen a wage increase of 2.8 percent. The typical work week is still steady at 34.5 hours.

Talking about new jobs, we had over 134,000 new jobs created in September and a miraculous 270,000 new jobs in August. If we look at numbers from this year, we have over 201,000 jobs created every month on an average.

Currently there are some 39 million people on food stamps, which is 4 million less than what they were when President Trump started his presidency. In his limited time in power, President Trump has given Americans a ray of hope financially.

Americans are working more, earning more, and relying less on food stamps now.

All of these positive indicators aren’t just happening by themselves. These are the results of countless efforts by the president himself to ensure that every person in the country gets a fair chance to work.


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