Democrats Turn Foul: Interrupt Kavanaugh Hearings Nearly 60 Times in the First Hour

The hearings for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation have turned into a major issue for Democrats, as they seem to be in no mood to let the confirmation proceed in a hassle-free manner.

Before Kavanaugh had even given his introduction, Democrats within the courtroom interrupted the hearing more than 40 times.

Now, we do recall democrats as loud-mouthed individuals, but this seriously is a first for them as well. Not only did they disrupt the hearing, but also screamed for adjournment, encouraged protests and in a way harassed each other.

Although Senator Chuck Grassley wanted the meeting to get off to a quick start, Democrats started screaming for the meeting to be adjourned, so that they could study the recently released documents pertaining to Kavanaugh, released on Tuesday morning. When their measures failed to achieve any significant response, they started shouting, over each other.

By the time the first hour of the hearing passed, Democrats were believed to have had interrupted the hearing more than 50 times. This number includes the numerous instances they shouted while Grassley and Kavanaugh were speaking. However, it does not include the many times they interrupted each other. If we were to include that, the number would skyrocket up high.

The interruptions are believed to be part of a mega plan by the Democrats to sabotage the happenings of the day.

The plan does seem to have worked, as a major part of the hearing was not utilized. Not many Democrats are thinking of voting for Kavanaugh, and not that they would have to. There are enough Republican votes to pass Kavanaugh, which shows how Schumer and other Democrats were just making a point in front of the cameras.

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Emmy Skylar

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