David Hogg Tells Canadians To Commit A Felony In Toronto

David Hogg joined Michael Moore at the Toronto Film Festival last week to promote Moore’s new film, ‘Fahrenheit 11/9.’

Hogg was given the microphone to say a few words to the Canadian crowd making a fool of himself reports the Daily Wire.

“I have a question for you guys: Who’s ready to save America? Who’s ready to make America the country we say it is on paper and make it the actual country that it wants to be?,” Hogg asked the Canadian crowd. “I think the most important thing to realize, however, is the problems we face as a country, whether it be water in Flint, Michigan or the amount of mass incarceration of people of color that can’t vote.”

He then suggested Canadians donate money to anti-Trump political campaigns in America, telling them to commit a felony.

Watch below:

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Emmy Skylar

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