Danny DeVito said Trump is keeping illegal immigrants in “concentration camps.”

Everyone knows Actor Danny DeVito for his role in classic comedy movies, the short stubby guy fans love the most, but his love from fans took a dive after he falsely claimed the Trump administration is keeping illegal immigrants in “concentration camps.”

“Oh, it’s horrible. They are prison camps,” he said in an interview with The Daily Beast about illegal immigrants, “It’s awful. They’re little concentration camps. I try to do my part, which is to support progressive candidates who are trying to change the government, and try to be as vocal as I can about it.”

The 73-year-old also said he supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election and called Trump and the Democrats clowns, “This guy [Trump] is a clown. The Democrats are clowns, too. I don’t put too much faith in the Democratic Party.”

“I’m a progressive, and I love to see people thinking about universal health care, education for everybody, working on the environment, retooling our industries so we’re giving jobs to people to create sustainable energy systems,” he added.

The term ‘prison camps’ is wrongfully used by DeVito as the The Department of Health and Human Services provided video of the facility where some children are being separated from their family.

Most of the children being separated didn’t come with family to begin with, they came by themselves or with unknown guardians and human traffickers in some cases.

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