Cricket Legend Decides to Leave ‘Horribly Violent’ Khan’s London

Legendary Cricketer turned commentator Henry Blowers has decided to leave London and move somewhere else that is less violent.

Henry Blower, who is 78 year old now, has been a really familiar voice across British radio with his commentary.

The 78-year-old recently said that he doesn’t like London any more. He believes that the situation might not be extremely dangerous currently, but it is expected to deteriorate over time. If the trends follow like they are currently, we’ll be nearing very difficult times.

He bluntly said, “I think we live in an age of conformity, whereas when I began, we lived in an age of fierce individuality, and when you live with conformity, there is a danger that everything and everyone sounds the same.”

Blowers who has been commenting across every game of England since the 1950s onwards, believes that the reason behind the lack of criticism on the conditions currently is, “of course, political correctness. I’m very anti-political correctness, and don’t want to sound like I’m on a tirade, but I did hear they’re re-writing West Side Story because of political correctness, I mean… Jesus wept.”

He further mentioned that, “When I started on [Test Match Special], we were all encouraged to go our own way and try things, take risks. Now, if for example [former TMS colleagues] Brian Johnston and John Arlott were 25 and went to Broadcasting House for an audition, I wonder if we’d even be given one…”

England’s cricket has come a long way during the last couple of decades, and radio commentators have played an imperative part here. Blowers’ comments have taken the cricketing fraternity by storm and have led to certain opinions by other stalwarts.

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