Corbyn Shared a Stage with Terrorist Linked to Toronto Man’s Murder

The big news this week from the United Kingdom really shouldn’t have surprised anyone. The Labor leader who hopes to become the Prime Minister of the UK shared a stage with a terrorist leader linked with the murder of a Toronto man.

This was a really bad week if you’re a Corbyn supporter. The Communist sympathizer that wants to bring Soviet-style leadership to the United Kingdom has continually denied being present at a ceremony where the group responsible for the Munich Olympic disaster were honored.

However, pictures keep on emerging from his visit to Tunisia and now it seems he may have outdone himself. The latest folly on his part is being pictured sharing a stage with a terrorist whose organization claimed responsibility for the axe attack in Jerusalem where a Toronto man was murdered.

The pictures seem to be emerging from 2014, when the now Labor leader was in Tunisia. He claims to have been there to support and honor the people that have brutally murdered by the Israelis. The pictures clearly show him on stage with Maher al-Taher; a popular face of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. At that specific time, Corbyn was a backbencher for the Labor party but became the leader of the party within a year.

The Toronto man, Howie Rothman was a government auditor for Canada. He was attacked with a meat cleaver while performing his prayers in Jerusalem on 18 November, 2014. The assault did not stop there; the attacks were able to kill four more rabbis as well as a police office before meeting their end.

Toronto’s community came out united against the attack and vocally raised their voices. The community also raised funds for the family of the man killed.

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