CNN Avoids Report on Farzad Fazeli Who Attempted to Stab Republican Candidate

While the media has been a bit biased during the last decade or so, we haven’t come across a case of biasness and utter disregard by a media channel that is as blatant as CNN.

CNN, which calls itself the premier reporting network in the USA, has failed to report the case of Farzad Fazeli, who attempted to stab a Republican candidate in a gathering recently. CNN’s hypocrisy and biased view in reporting has finally come out with this rather disrespectful strategy to not publish the attack carried out by Farzad Fazeli on the Republican.

It has been over 72 hours since Farzad Fazeli, who is aged 35, allegedly made insulting remarks about Rudy Peters and then attempted to stab the Republican Party Candidate during a festival on Sunday. The County’s Sheriff Office even made an arrest in this regard, and Fazeli is believed to be behind bars currently.

However, what concerned Republican and Rudy Peters’ well-wishers was the fact that CNN turned a blind eye and wrote no news report or articles regarding the issue. This blatant act of media bias has got many Republican supporters fuming at the attitude of the media network.

There have been zero segments reporting the attack on CNN’s website or their media outlet. All of this just suggests the bigoted approach they have towards reporting.

Now that we can see how CNN has reported this, do you think they would have shown the same neglect had the roles been reversed? What if a Trump supporter had attempted to stab a Democrat Candidate? Would CNN still have maintained condescending silence on the approach? We don’t think so! If the roles were to be reversed, CNN would have turned the event into a lead story and might have even run it for days, again and again.

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