China Raises Defense Spending Again

China will be releasing their new defense budget next week, which has caused a senior diplomat to announce on Sunday that it is not meant as a threat to anyone and is only being done to make up for past deficiencies in China’s military.

Defense Budget

This rise in defense budget spending has been taking place for the past few years, and nay countries around the world are impatiently waiting for the budget to be released so they can try to figure out what the country’s broader strategic intentions are, and see what new additions will be made to their already impressive modernized program that includes developing aircraft carriers, stealth fighters, and anti-satellite missiles.

Zhang Yesui

In recent years China has announced how much their military spending budget was increased the day before their legislature opened, this year Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Yesui, who is the parliament spokesman, decided not to announce how much spending would be rising. All he would say is that countries have to make their own choices when it comes to adjusting military spending and that they based theirs on the economy and their defensive needs.

At a news conference on Sunday Zhang said “In recent years, China has moderately raised defense investment. Part of it has been to make up for past investment deficiencies, mostly on renewing equipment and improving material benefits for soldiers. China has always upheld the path of peaceful development and practices a defensive defense policy. China’s development will not constitute a threat to any country.”

United States

The expected increase in China’s military budget is said to be part of what influenced United States President Donald Trump to propose the largest military budget the United States has seen in 7 years. In the budget, Donald Trump requested over $600 billion for the Pentagon, with an additional $70 billion for any ongoing wars through the end of 2019. The president has said that this is in response to the growing military capabilities of both Russia and China.

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