Chechen Leaders Re-Opened an Important Mosque in Syria

The religious leaders of Russia’s Chechnya have all inaugurated a landmark mosque in Syria’s Homs, as a symbol against President Bashar Assad. Back in 2013, the Syrian government took the Khalid Ibn al-Walid mosque, which, after the entire thing, suffered a lot of damage from the fighting.

They reconstructed the mosque

Authorities from Russia’s Muslim republic made an effort to reconstruct this mosque and many others from Syria, back in 2015 when it was the start of Russia’s military campaign there. All the money came from a ‘foggy’ foundation that is ran by the family of the Chechen leader, named Ramzan Kadyrov. The foundation was named after Kadyrov’s father, and rights activists have said about the foundation that’s a separatist government, that eventually turned into a Russian one ally named Akhmat Kadyrov, due to Kadyrov family’s bank being filled with obligatory contributions from normal people Chechen. All the local officials have denied this info.

It was shown on tv: people from Chechnya understand the people from Syria

The Chenchen television showed footage of the ceremony, which happened Wednesday in the west in Syria. Chechnya’s chief, named Salah Mezhiyev was the one to cut the ribbon in the doorway of the mosque, and the Homs governor was standing right there, too. Mezhiyev then proceeded to thank the authorities and officials from Syria for rebuilding the 13th-century mosque and also said that the people from Chechnya are there for Syrians after they’ve seen the two tragic wars in the 1990s. Mezhiyev said that people Chechnya went through these brutal wars and that no one understands Syrian people better.

Officials, thanks Chenchen authorities and officials for all the money and then said that the first project they have in mind is to rebuild the Old City’s Khaldiyeh neighborhood.

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