Category 4 Storm Could Devastate the East Coast, According to Simulation

The Category 4 hurricane, now unfurling in the East Coast, could cause significant damage according to the simulation done months ago.

According to a simulation done by planners, a Category 4 hurricane could inflict significant damages to a wide stretch of the East Coast. It is peculiar to note here that the real storm, Hurricane Florence, is quite similar to the one used for the simulation.

With speculations regarding the slow evacuation process gaining pace, the fact that this hurricane could cause damage similar to what was caused by Hurricane Katrina is disturbing.

According to the manual detailing the results of the simulation by the Department of Energy, the simulated hurricane could knock out most gas stations in the region, send debris into major shipping channels, and damage a nuclear power plant among many devastating damages.

What they were trying to do back then was to see the results and the devastation through a worst-case scenario. But with Hurricane Florence that worst-case scenario has taken the shape of a realistic perspective.

Hurricane Florence is also predicted to be a Category 4 storm, and it will impact the area highlighted in that simulation.

Behr, who studied the presence of vulnerable populations in the paths of Hurricane Katrina on the Hampton Roads region and the Gulf Coast, feared one thing the most— saturation combining with a storm that stalls out.

“I believe that those patterns are also going to manifest in Hampton Roads if and when a large storm hits,” he said.

“The vulnerability of our populations are quite similar to New Orleans; displacement, pain, suffering, property loss. All those things are going to play out in a fashion that has parallels to how Katrina played out.”

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