Believe All Women! Crazy Woman Accuses a 9-year-old boy of Grabbing Her Butt and Calls the Cops – Surveillance Video Shows she lied

The #Me Too campaign is gaining prestige over time, and whoever speaks against the issue is labeled as a bigot and what not. Such has been the blatant support to the cause that women have put men to blame without a trial.

While the case of Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh has knocked some sense into die-hard activists, the real perils of the movement are still privy. It seems like you can accuse and malign any man of sexual assault and the whole world will believe you without a trial.

Dr. Ford lied, and so did many other women. The men will never be able to get past the trauma of the accusations and how they feel after the trial is over.

In a fresh case of ‘You can’t believe all women’, an unhinged woman accused a young, 9-year-old boy of touching and grabbing her a** at a Brooklyn Deli this week.

The crazy woman didn’t just stop with the allegation but also ensured that she rubbed every bit of it in the face of the black kid and the family. So much so that she called the police to take legal action against the kid.

The little boy was harassed and started to cry after seeing his mom take the pressure. However, when surveillance videos were released, it came out that the boy had done nothing of the sorts that the woman was accusing him of.

He had merely brushed past the woman with his shoulder, which she had then turned into an assault story.

President Trump was right; it is hard to be a man nowadays with so many fake allegations. However, what we do need to realize is that you can’t believe every woman.

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About the Author: Emmy Skylar

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