Argentina, cocaine traffic through the Russian Embassy, ​​5 arrested

Five people allegedly members of a drug trafficking network have been arrested in Argentina and Russia in the framework of a joint police investigation.

This investigation began a year ago, as 389 kilos of cocaine were found at the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires, officials of Argentina said.

The country’s security minister Patricia Bullrich said the investigation resulted in the arrest of a citizen of Russian citizenship who was formerly a member of the police force in Buenos Aires and another resident of South America.

The investigation began in December 2016 after the Russian ambassador to Argentina had reported to the authorities of this state that he had doubts about a suitcase found in the embassy premises.

Once authorities have realized that traffickers have attempted to transport 16 cocaine bags from the embassy through a diplomatic flight, “a bag was installed in their bags to monitor the shipment,” Bullrich told reporters.

The flag was sent to Russia in 2017, while Bullrich said that three Argentine customs officers have traveled to Russia to observe the process.

Two people were arrested the moment they went to get the suitcase, while a former embassy official was arrested in his Moscow apartment.

Duterte Says That Trump Has Given Go-Ahead To His War On Drugs, another suspect is being sought with international arrest warrants.

“This has been one of the most complex and most extraordinary cases that Argentina has faced with regard to drug cases,” said Bullrich.

She has said some Russian security agents have travelled to Argviti to help investigate.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has criticized media reports saying this case “shaded” Russia’s diplomatic troops.

“In fact it is the opposite,” she said.

“The success of this operation has been due to the helpful steps of the Russian ambassador and his diplomatic staff,” she added.

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