Antifa, the real Fascists of the 21st Century

Winston Churchill was a man of great wisdom. He was also a man never short of providing witty remarks that continue to resonate today. One such piece of wisdom was when he said the fascists of tomorrow will call themselves anti-fascists. One only needs to look at Antifa to realize how horrifyingly accurate Churchill was in that assessment.

Antifa finds itself fresh in the news again, this time because of a rampage caused by them when they assaulted two prominent Conservatives in a Philadelphia restaurant for being supporters of President Trump.

This came a day after Antifa smashed windows of a US Marine Corps recruiting office in Berkeley where a section of right wing protests had gathered under the “No To Marxism” banner. They left having done damage to nearly 21 vehicles as well as setting tires and other equipment on fire.

The trouble started in the city after its pro-left mayor Ted Wheeler allowed Antifa to do as it pleased in the streets instead of cracking down on them. Wheeler who’s also the Police Commissioner of the city refused to allow his police to intervene, citing the fact that the federal agency should not be involved in the whole episode at all.

The tactics used by Antifa are hauntingly similar to ones used by the storm-troopers of Weimer Republic where Hitler and his Nazi party first rose to power. It follows the same domestic terrorism route as well as the use of other nefarious violent means to shut down any dissenting voices.

Antifa had already been in the news lately when they cornered Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and communications director, Candace Owens in a restaurant and effectively heckled them away after physically assaulting Kirk.

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Emmy Skylar

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