Angry Migrants at Swedish Rally Punch Anti-Immigrant Party Member

Talk to any pro immigrant and they would say that all immigrants and locals are assimilating quite well in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. Well, if events of the past week are to be taken into context, this hardly seems to be true.

In a recent show of violence, immigrants had gathered in Western Sweden to protest against God knows what. What was touted as a peaceful protest by the not-so-peaceful protesters turned into a violent display of hooliganism! The protesters not only punched Alternative for Sweden (AfS) party member Markus Johnson on the face, but they also chased him all the way to his car, and kicked it.

Markus Johnson, who is a member of Alternative for Sweden political party and is also running for parliament, has confirmed that he was brutally punched in the face by an out of sorts young immigrant during an election campaign.

The party had an ordinary campaign meeting going on, something which is quite a norm in the political scenario of Sweden, when the incident happened. During one of the stops the party, which is known for a hard-line anti-immigration stance, was met by a group of angry and violent protesters.

The crowd was violently chanting slogans and had banners with ‘Crush Racism!’ written on them.

As the party continued with its campaign meeting, things got a bit heated; the group of protesters surely wasn’t impressed by what was being discussed in the meeting and started pelting party representatives with eggs. One particularly aggressive youth immigrant couldn’t quite hold himself and stuck Johnson on the face.

Johnson was later followed and his car vandalized, when he tried to run away.
With native Europeans dead tired of immigrants and their shenanigans, enforcers and regulators need to think of a remedy for this problem soon.

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