Almost Sixty of Kavanaugh’s Classmates Call Accusations Complete Nonsense

Everyone associated with Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his accusers has mentioned that there is no truth in the accusations being leveled against him by women from different stages of his life. All the witnesses taken in the case are classmates that shared the same room with Kavanaugh and his accusers.

Now, why aren’t there any classmates backing the allegations made against Kavanaugh? Why are all of these guys standing on a unanimous opinion that Kavanaugh is right? It might be because of the fact that Kavanaugh indeed is right, and the accusations against him are just politically motivated.

In the latest update, 60 of Brett Kavanaugh’s Georgetown Prep Classmates have signed a petition saying that they recall no memory of any such incident happening and believe that Judge Kavanaugh is in the right. These 60 signatures have added to the number of people who believe that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is not guilty, and that the accusations against him are based on falsehood.

As of now, no one has substantially corroborated that the events mentioned by both the accusers ever took place. It just sounds like a load of falsehood that will soon be caught out. If the purpose of this circus was to delay Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination, then we think these accusers might have succeeded.

60 of Brett Kavanaugh’s classmates signed the letter, which is circulating across media, and backed the honest man. The letter said, “These shameful attacks must end. This process is a disgrace and it is harming good people.”

This brings us to Attorney Michael Avenatitis, who is trying to gleefully perpetrate this evil for his own personal purposes. We just wished they cared for how many good people they are tarnishing with their nonsensical cases.

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About the Author: Emmy Skylar

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