Women Most At Risk Of Smartphone Addiction: Study

Toronto – Smartphone addiction is a real thing and those who are more susceptible to developing it, according to a US study conducted by Binghamton University – State University of New York, are women.

An addiction, almost symbiotic, which can lead, despite an initial feeling of well being, symptoms of depression, social isolation, shyness, impulsiveness and low self esteem.

The study, published in Information Systems Journal, examined 182 college students, asking them to report daily habits in terms of use of the smartphone. Based on the answers the participants were placed in different groups: thoughtful, regular, highly involved, fanatics and employees.

The results showed that 7% was identified as ‘dependent’, 12% as ‘fanatic’. Both groups experience social problems and in the workplace, due to a compulsive need to always give a ‘peek’ on the phone. Overall these users have shown signs that may indicate depression, isolation and social anxiety, shyness, impulsiveness and low self esteem. Women appeared more likely to develop addiction. “It can be expected that dependence will increase gradually there will be advancements, applications, games and gadgets” noted Isaac Vaghefi, including the study authors.

Vaghefi also lists four alarm bells: careful to use the technology as a way to escape problems or relieve helplessness, guilt, anxiety or depression.

Eye even if you ignore what really happens to the virtual, if you constantly checking your smartphone, even when it rings or vibrates, and if you become paranoid when you do not have it back.

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