Scientists Created 3-D printed Ovary

3D printers may be able to allow women with fertility problems to complete a pregnancy. Tuesday, May 16, the journal Nature Communications publishes the results of the work of a team of Northwestern University researchers, based in Chicago, the United States, which has successfully implanted ovarian designed with a 3D printer To a sterilized mouse. The latter gave birth to healthy mice, reports The Verge .

A hope for many women?

These “printed” ovaries included ovarian follicles (an aggregate of sac-like cells in which the oocyte develops) in which immature oocytes were found, explains the American site. These new ovaries allowed the mouse to ovulate, conceive and finally give birth, he continues, saying that “the key to success lies in the material used for 3D printing.”

“It must be an organic material, so that the body does not reject it, but it must not be too fragile, otherwise [the ovaries] would destroy during the transplantation,” says The Verge, indicating that the Researchers used a kind of gelatin made from several layers of collagen.

This prowess gives hope to sterile women, but it is still impossible to envisage in the short term an application of this process on humans, explains The Verge. “Human ovarian follicles are much bigger than mice and they grow so fast that implanted ovaries should be replaced [during pregnancy],” the site continues. “Transplantation could also be problematic , ” US researchers said for whom this work does, however, allow progress in regenerative medicine that can address women’s infertility problems in the future.

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