Ontario Company Recalls Vodka With 81% Alcohol

After consultation with the Georgian Bay Gin Company, the LCBO recalled the Georgian Bay Vodka bottles because the volume of alcohol does not match the label rate. The affected product was removed from the shelves of all LCBO stores.


This recall was initiated after finding that a production lot (Lot No 19) was bottled before the dilution reached the stated rate of 40% alcohol by volume. Consequently, the lot concerned has a volume alcohol level of 81%.


654 sales units were produced from this lot and shipped to the LCBO.

The product being recalled is as follows:


Description of the mark 

Lot code


Vodka Georgian Bay

Lot 19


It is dangerous to consume this product. A drink with an alcohol content of 80% could cause severe health problems.

Consumers and licensees should return the recalled product to any LCBO branch for a full refund.

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