Final Fantasy 16: Everything We Know So Far

We have seen how Final Fantasy has become one of the longest-running franchise in the entire gaming industry. The latest game hit the market in 2016.

We are here to tell you what should we expect from the next game in line, and what are some possible features.

Release date

Square Enix did not really say anything about the game, because the studio has already moved to another project. This means that we won’t hear of Final Fantasy XVI for next three years.

The platforms

The game will probably be launched for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. Also, probably for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

What should we expect from it?

We need more fantasy elements

Final Fantasy XV came with some fantasy elements. However, some of them made the player ask themselves how will the game feature mecha and armed soldiers better. It turns out that Final Fantasy 16 will not come with mecha. According to the director of the game, the Final Fantasy games should focus on fantasy elements only. This might mean that they will only focus on fantasy, rather than machinery.

There will be no MMO

The studio already has a successful Final Fantasy MMO, even if the launch was not as expected. Given its success, the studio does not need another MMO. This means that Final Fantasy XVI will come out as a single-player title.

What do we want for this game?


The game started as a turn-based combat system, and that was the story, until Final Fantasy XII hit the market, and we had a real-time combat system.

On this matter, there are pros and cons. A real-time combat gets rid of the tactical element from the combat system of the game. However, many players love their combat experience.

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