At eight months, girl weighs 38 pounds

The case of an eight-month-old Indian girl who already weighs 38 pounds worries her parents.

Chahat Kumar, who lives in the province of Punjab, is the weight of an average of a child of four years.

“When Chahat was born, she was like all the other babies. Then we saw his weight curve increase. It grows every day, “said his father, Suraj Kumar at the Barcroft TV site.

According to the mother of the child, her appetite is insatiable.

“She does not eat like other children. She eats all the time! And if we do not give her food, she starts crying, “Reena Kumar said.

“She often claims to go outside, but she weighs too much for us. So we always stay close to home. ”

The parents of the little girl defend themselves to be at the origin of its morbid obesity and therefore wonder about what causes this problem.

They have consulted their physician several times but have not been able to make a real diagnosis.

“This is the first time in my career that I’ve seen such a weight gain in a toddler. The blood tests we did did nothing. Because of the baby’s fat, we can not make conclusive analyzes, “Dr. Vasudev Sharma said.

Mr. and Mrs. Kumar would like to go to a specialist, but they do not have the means to travel to see him. ”

“We do not have enough money to pay for her. But we are doing our best to make sure it goes well, “said the toddler’s mother.

“We lost a son before we had Chahat. She is our only child and we do not want to lose her. We are very concerned about his health. “

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