Antibacterial Soaps Could Be Dangerous: Study

TORONTO – It is better to wash your hands rather than using hydroalcoholic gel. This was announced by some 200 researchers who co-authored a panel on June 20, “The Florence Statement” published in the journal “Environmental Health Perpectives”  .

The East Republican reports that this product contains triclosan and triclocarban. These two antiseptics are present in nearly 2 000 products of our daily life, such as toothpaste, detergents, certain plastics, paints … But especially in hydroalcoholic gel.

Except that in addition to a lack of effectiveness, these substances prove to be harmful to health.  “Triclosan and triclocarban are endocrine disruptors and are associated with reproductive and developmental effects in animal and in vitro studies. Potential implications for human reproduction and development are of concern and deserve study More thorough, “ the researchers said.

According to Top Santé , endocrine disruptors could play a role in the development of cancers, especially breast cancer, and disrupt the hormonal system, affect sperm and damage the development of the fetus.

Moreover, in the United States, these two compounds have been banned since September 2016, as are 19 other antibacterial ingredients deemed harmful to health and ineffective against bacteria.

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