Alberta is running out of weed

Smoking weed was legalized across Canada on October 17 following a long campaign promise by the Trudeau government. Alberta legal weed store owners are running out of pot after just days of... Read more »

Liberals Are Already Trying to Capitalize on the Marijuana Legislation

The ink is still wet on Bill C-45 and the Liberal Party is already running fundraising advertisements on Facebook, asking their supporters to donate towards their fight to keep marijuana legal. The... Read more »

Canadian Liberals Shamelessly Piggyback on Marijuana Bill to Raise Funds

Canadian Liberals Shamelessly Piggyback on Marijuana Bill to Raise Funds It took less than 24 hours for Liberals to take advantage of cannabis legalization to shape their political agenda and raise campaign... Read more »

Experts worried about lack of proper testing for pot influenced drivers

As Canada moves towards legalization of cannabis, a new problem is emerging. The government pledges to spend 81 million dollars training and equipping the police force with the knowledge and tools required... Read more »

Landlords in Ontario want to ban pot smoking in rentals

As recreational marijuana becomes legal for private residences in the summer, not all people are happy about it. Landlords in Ontario are worried about the effect that the drug will have on... Read more »

Legal weed pricing considered at $10 per gram

The Ontario Government announced their proposed pricing for legal pot at $10 per gram, between $1 to $2 per gram more expensive then illegal weed. The Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa said $10... Read more »

Legalizing pot in Ontario, some things to know

Smoking pot in Ontario will be easier than ever starting in July 2018. The Ontario government announced their plan to give people some idea of who can smoke pot and how. Government... Read more »