Category 4 Storm Could Devastate the East Coast, According to Simulation

The Category 4 hurricane, now unfurling in the East Coast, could cause significant damage according to the simulation done months ago. According to a simulation done by planners, a Category 4 hurricane... Read more »

Ottawa Weather Updates: Slowed Vehicles and Grounded Flights

Canadian winters have gone wild. According to the latest weather updates, the freezing rain is going to continue. The freezing rain has disturbed both road and air travels in Ottawa today. According... Read more »

Today is the last cold day for much of Canada

Warmer weather is coming after today as much of the country seen temperatures in the minus 30’s in the last week, and in some cases as high as minus 45 with winds.... Read more »

Environment Canada Alert: The First Spell of Winter is About to Hit Canada

Environment Canada released a weather alert for an arctic front that is advancing towards the Central Interior from Northern B.C. The front is expected to hit the region by early morning tomorrow.... Read more »

Windy Calgary: Environment Canada Explains the Situation

16 out of 25 days of October have been extremely windy for Calgary this year. The city has experienced unprecedented strong gusts of wind throughout the month – and it’s not over... Read more »

Prepare for Harsh Winters – Canada to Receive More Snow Compared to Last Year

Not everyone might be excited about this news but skiers can take the time to rejoice. Canada’s winter forecast reveals the country will be receiving a lot more snow this time around... Read more »

The first snow of the season hits Alberta

Chilly weather caused the first sighting of snow in Alberta this year. Between 5 to 10 millimetres of wet snow fell near Jasper and a small blanket of snow near Hinton, roads... Read more »