What Is Ultima Thule Learning Us about the Farthest Place the Humans Have Visited?

Ultima Thule is a peanut-shaped object in our Solar System, far distant than Pluto, like about a billion miles away, and it’s currently the farthest place that humans have visited by now.... Read more »

Nasa’s New Horizons: What Does Ultima Thule Look Like, in Fact?

We have all seen how scientists have found Ultima Thule. They are now studying new ideas about is shapes, after they had examined the latest images that were sent to Earth. The... Read more »

NASA To Reveal Photos of Ultima Thule: There Are Two Objects

The year has started good for NASA, since New Horizons got closer to the most distant object that people have tried to visit, and that is a space rock that’s called Ultima... Read more »

Ultima Thule – A Typical ‘Future Comet’

With the beginning of 2019 and the end of 2018, New Horizons from Nasa flew past 2014 MU69, its first target after Pluto. Initially, 2014 MU69 is thought to have been two... Read more »

New Horizons has Successfully Reached Ultima Thule

NASA scored a great achievement in the first day of 2019 when the New Horizons spacecraft managed to complete the most distant flyby in space. The spacecraft managed to send home a... Read more »