Rosie O’Donnell fears death during the Trump Presidency

Rosie O’Donnell “seriously” worries that she will survive while Donald Trump remains in the most powerful office in the world. In a interview with with W Magazine she worries whether she will “personally will be... Read more »

JFK files search returns error

President Donald Trump made the announcement that 3000 JFK files will be released today. The long anticipated release of the #JFKFiles will take place tomorrow. So interesting! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)... Read more »

President Trump Proclaims Today as United Nations Day

The White House announced that President Donald Trump proclaims October 24, 2017 as United Nations Day. “President Donald J. Trump Proclaims October 24, 2017, as United Nations Day” Read more: —... Read more »

Ryan Clayton throws Russian flags at President Trump yelling “Trump is treason!”

As President Donald Trump arrived at the Capitol to discuss tax reform with Republican senators, a protester posing as a journalist throws small Russian flags at him yelling “Trump is treason!” The... Read more »

NAFTA at Risk of Derailment: What Does Donald Trump Want?

“Fabulous” – said John Melle – chief US negotiator – as an answer to a question on the progress of NAFTA talks when he made his way out of the negotiation room... Read more »

Worse than Trump, Morneau hides Company in France for two years, taking advantage of Tax loopholes

President Donald Trump hasn’t revealed his taxes because he’s under audit he claims, but he at least revealed a sneak peek. But Justin Trudeau’s right hand man, Finance Minister Bill Morneau accidentally... Read more »

Trump to Christian crowd “We’re saying merry Christmas again”

President Trump told a large Christian conservative crowd today his administration will defend religious organizations and bring back American values. “How times have changed, but you know what, now they are changing... Read more »

Trudeau threatens Trump, Trump responds

The fourth set of talks for changes to the North American Free Trade deal begin with a rocky start. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau threatened to call off a major deal to purchase... Read more »

Trump supporters aren’t Fascists

The great threat that seems to be dangling over the West has been described in many ways: right-wing populism, neoreaction, hardcore nationalism, anti-establishment, and so on. To various extents, these labels capture... Read more »

WATCH: Actor Michael Rapaport Says VP Pence is a ‘Selfish F**k’ for Leaving Colts Game

Hollywood proves themselves to be a far distance from Trump administration. The recent out-cry comes from Michael David Rapaport, a comedian, podcast host and director. His rant on Twitter in response to... Read more »