Trudeau and Freeland Happy With NAFTA Agreement

In what is being touted as a major progress between both Canada and the U.S., both the countries reached an agreement on NAFTA just a couple of hours before midnight on 30th... Read more »

Trump Rejects Trudeau’s Call for One-on-One Meeting on NAFTA

Well, Justin Trudeau did approach Donald Trump for a one-on-one meeting on NAFTA during the General Assembly Meeting of the United Nations, but Trump denied his offer and opted otherwise. This was... Read more »

Trudeau Hints towards Informal NAFTA Deal at U.N. Meeting

A major United Nations Meeting is about to take place in New York during this week, and many nations are geared to pull forth their agendas. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is... Read more »

Trudeau Says It’s “Almost A Really Good Thing” In Response To Kinder Morgan Being Blocked By Courts

Justin Trudeau seems to want two different outcomes for pipelines, in one speech he wants to move forward with Kinder Morgan and stall it, so which one is it? The Kinder Morgan... Read more »

Critics are wrong to suggest Maxime Bernier’s move is an ideology

Ever since former Conservative MP Maxime Bernier jumped ship on August 23, ostensibly for the purpose of leading a new faction that will lean more towards the right of the Canadian political... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh Celebrates Kinder Morgan Court Ruling

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made it clear many times he does not support Pipelines. Judge Eleanor Dawson killed the Kinder Morgan project because the federal government did not carry out its duty... Read more »

The Ugly Hidden Truth behind Canada’s Low Unemployment Rate

Canada’s low unemployment rate is a political report that everyone from Trudeau’s administration goes to whenever they have nothing left up their sleeves. It is that one accomplishment used by them to... Read more »

Canadian Military Spending Rightfully Questioned

The ongoing tiff between United States President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has mostly been centered on NAFTA, but there are other issues that cabinet members and Members of Parliament... Read more »

Canadian Prime Minister is Skating On Thin NAFTA Ice

The political unity that PM Justin Trudeau had achieved in relation to the global trade war, which was inexplicably started earlier this year by United States President Donald Trump, is starting to... Read more »

Ottawa’s Drug-Pricing Change Threatens Interest of Canadians Suffering from Rare Diseases

The plea by Canadians federal government to increasingly regulate the cost of pharmaceutics might have downsides attached to it. According to a new study released by the Fraser Institute recently, Canadians with... Read more »