Secret Gifts Become a New Headache for Canadian Prime Minister

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Amidst Falling Approval Rates, PM Trudeau Defends New Arms Deal

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Trudeau’s visit with Boyle while under investigation cost $67,000

Canadian Taxpayers forked out around $67,000 on security for the single day he met with former hostage Joshua Boyle on December 18, 2016. A report from La Presse says Justin Trudeau’s security... Read more »

Trudeau announces new legislation proposal to gun control

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Trudeau fails to deport dangerous criminals putting Canadians in danger

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When their finances start suffering Liberal governments just buy votes

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With only 18 months left in his term, should Trudeau resign now?

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PM Accuses China of Dumping Steel

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Trudeau Contacts Trump to Discuss Steel Tariffs

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India says Trudeau’s comments are “baseless and unacceptable”

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