Justin Trudeau might have to apologize for ‘racist’ comment if Faith Goldy become mayor of Toronto

Are Canadians racist? According to Justin Trudeau they are. After a fire on displaced around 1,500 people from an apartment building on 650 Parliament St. in Toronto last month, many found themselves... Read more »

Toronto Police are searching for Zion Sankar-Beharry, 20, for Yorkdale Shopping Centre shooting

Canadians were in shock when they heard news of a shooting that took place in a busy mall in Toronto. The Yorkdale Shopping Centre was evacuated Thursday following the shooting where two people... Read more »

The Toronto city council reduction was just what the Canadian democracy needed

Promises made and promises kept. It was something that had the exact affect it was supposed to have, leave the Liberals that had disregarded the governance of Toronto in a complete sense... Read more »

Faith Goldy’s Mayor Campaign is Completely Sidelined by Mainstream Media

It’s been a tactic that has long served the liberal agenda well i.e. sidelining those you do not agree with. The same tactics seem to be Brainwashing Canadians on Toronto’s mayoral election... Read more »

Toronto Man – Terrence Noftall, Accused of Child Sexual Abuse

Toronto – Police gave a press conference this morning to discuss the case of 55-year-old Terrence Noftall, who is accused of child sexual abuse. Detective Alexandra Marks said the “case dates back... Read more »

Six bodies found in pots in Toronto

Toronto Police confirmed that they had found the remains of six bodies, hidden in pots, on a property linked to serial killer Bruce McArthur. At a press conference, Detective Sergeant Hank Idsinga... Read more »

Refugees can dry up $20 million in Hotel cost fast says Toronto Councillor

The city of Toronto is proposing to extent hotel contracts as refugees from the United States keeps increasing. The extension calls for another $20 million that might last until the end of... Read more »