SnatchBot Added LINE to Increase It’s Multi-Channel Reach

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SoundCloud data now considered when calculating UK’s Official Charts

Licensed and monetized streams on the audio platform SoundCloud will now be factored into the United Kingdom’s Official Albums and Singles Charts. SoundCloud’s streaming information will be added to sales figures calculated... Read more »

Top Cities in Latin America for Startups

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Venezuela, introduction of new currency…Suspicion linked with Petro

he Financial Times (FT) reported to the U.K. on Tuesday (local time) that Venezuela has introduced a new currency that has depreciated its value by about 95 percent in its currency. The... Read more »

Reddit Bans Pro-Trump ‘The Great Awakening’ Subreddit

Reddit banned the second largest pro-Trump Subreddit ‘The Great Awakening’ Tuesday night at 11:45 PM reports Real Clear Politics” The report also says anonymous left-wing users posted offensive content, including a CBS... Read more »

Check out Tim Aeby, the record producer behind some of the hottest releases this year

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Trump tells Apple to build their products in the United States

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Best Applications For Writing Content in Phone

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How gaming mouse can change the way of your gameplay

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