Andrew Scheer says he won’t be Dancing in India

These are some of the things that are the bare minimum you would expect from a Prime Minister in a foreign country. Behave with utmost grace, be courteous and most of all,... Read more »

Poll Suggest Most Canadians Think Canada’s Border Situation Is In Crisis Mode

A new poll by Angus Reid suggests most Canadians think the irregular border crossing situation is in crisis mode. Canadians also think Conservative leader Andrew Scheer would so a better job controlling... Read more »

Scheer will ask Morneau to step down

A new report says Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will ask for Finance Minister Bill Morneau to resign from his post. Scheer is expected to make the announcement at a media event this afternoon... Read more »

Trudeau says he has the ability to “de-program” terrorists

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fired shots at each other today in question period on the issue of Jihadists returning to Canada. When Scheer said Trudeau is “so... Read more »