Thousands more immigrants to come to Canada under the Liberals

Canada has decided to welcome one million immigrants in next three years. This announcement has been made by the Liberal Government under it Multi Year strategy. Under the program, the numbers for... Read more »

Illegal refugees win against Canadian taxpayers

Time and over, there have been concerns raised over the number of refugees illegally crossing the US borders into Canada. While these people definitely have greater chances of a building a better... Read more »

Refugees can dry up $20 million in Hotel cost fast says Toronto Councillor

The city of Toronto is proposing to extent hotel contracts as refugees from the United States keeps increasing. The extension calls for another $20 million that might last until the end of... Read more »

Large Numbers of Refugees Continue to Enter Canada from the US

As Canada seeks to relax citizenship rules in the country for newcomers, its borders are teeming with asylum seekers from the US, wanting to cross over into Canada. While some of the... Read more »

Jason Kenney “Terrorist should be kicked out of the Country”

United Conservative Party leader candidate for Alberta Jason Kenney is making a name for himself. Kenney responded to the Edmonton terrorist attacks carried out by Abdulahi Sharif said Global News, Sharif rammed... Read more »

“Welcome your Neighbours signs” in Arabic, French and English being sold in Winnipeg

CBC posted a article on Sept. 20 with links to as if to promote the site. The website sells signs welcoming refugees and asylum seekers into Canada. The story on CBC... Read more »

George Clooney “Houston is Syria, quite honestly.”

George Clooney made the Canadian headlines by comparing Houston to war-torn Syria at a press conference Toronto International Film Festival. “Houston is Syria quite honestly.” “People in Houston are now refugees based... Read more »