Police identify new criminal gangs made up by Asylum Seekers in Manitoba

Police in Winnipeg said they have identified two new gangs who are heavily recruiting immigrants. “There is a group that we do recognize with in the gang program called TFN,” Det. Sgt.... Read more »

Refugee couple who named their son after Justin Trudeau start regretting it

A Syrian refugee couple who named their son after the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau say their optimism is fading after a update report on the family by CBC. The family of four... Read more »

Over-burdened refugee tribunal ditches legislated timelines for hearings

OTTAWA — Grappling with a historic level of asylum claims, the Immigration and Refugee Board appears to be officially giving up on following regulations dictating they must hold refugee hearings within a... Read more »

Syrian Refugees want to leave Canada due to lack of Government support, agencies ask Canadians to help

In a recent report on CBC some Government sponsored Syrian refugees want to go back to their camps in Jordan. One mother of a family said they’ve been living in hotel in... Read more »

Canada’s refugee program spirals out of control

Canada’s refugee resettlement program is in turmoil. The Toronto Star reports thousands of refugee hearings scheduled for this year have been abruptly cancelled so the government can roll out a new system... Read more »

Thousands more immigrants to come to Canada under the Liberals

Canada has decided to welcome one million immigrants in next three years. This announcement has been made by the Liberal Government under it Multi Year strategy. Under the program, the numbers for... Read more »

Illegal refugees win against Canadian taxpayers

Time and over, there have been concerns raised over the number of refugees illegally crossing the US borders into Canada. While these people definitely have greater chances of a building a better... Read more »

Refugees can dry up $20 million in Hotel cost fast says Toronto Councillor

The city of Toronto is proposing to extent hotel contracts as refugees from the United States keeps increasing. The extension calls for another $20 million that might last until the end of... Read more »

Large Numbers of Refugees Continue to Enter Canada from the US

As Canada seeks to relax citizenship rules in the country for newcomers, its borders are teeming with asylum seekers from the US, wanting to cross over into Canada. While some of the... Read more »

Jason Kenney “Terrorist should be kicked out of the Country”

United Conservative Party leader candidate for Alberta Jason Kenney is making a name for himself. Kenney responded to the Edmonton terrorist attacks carried out by Abdulahi Sharif said Global News, Sharif rammed... Read more »