Trudeau’s “bad jokes” are starting to pile up

While Canadians were still reeling from changes to their national anthem, Prime Minister Trudeau was in Chicago this week trying to sell the Americans on a new North American Free Trade Deal.... Read more »

The Federal Government Prepared to Revamp Environmental Assessment Process For Pipelines

The Trudeau government is looking forward to introducing a legislation to overhaul the way the government handles environmental assessment process of major projects like pipelines. One way the government promises to do... Read more »

Senior PMO’s Official Resignation

A staff member in the Prime Minister office, Claude-Éric Gagné was recently accused of an inappropriate behavior. Although the employee continued to deny the allegations that were made against him, he soon... Read more »

NAFTA trade talks seem to be bogged down

With talks in the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement going nowhere, U.S. envoy to Canada, Bruce Heyman, told Global News maybe it’s time to call the agreement something else.... Read more »

Premier Wynne dismisses polls and eyes re-election

It has to be one of the most amusing quotes to be found on the pages of a newspaper in decades. “I don’t think there’s anyone under any illusion that we’ve got... Read more »

The Leadership Race for Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has begun

The former leader of Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario – Patrick Brown resigned the party after being accused of sexual misconduct towards two women. One of them was reportedly hired to work... Read more »

Scheer takes risky approach on constitutional talks

Federal Progressive Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was probably reading old polls when he suggested re-opening Canada’s constitution to more talks. Back in May of 2011, after almost two decades of constitutional peace,... Read more »

Women in Canadian Politics Seek Out Solutions for Sexual Harassment

As sexual harassment has taken the world by storm, women all over the world are coming forward and speaking up– from celebrities to ordinary women. Whether they belong to an entertainment industry,... Read more »

An Independent Investigation to be conducted into Rick Dykstra Candidacy

Sexual harassment has become one of the most-talked about topics in today’s world. Eminent people are being charged of sexual misconduct and necessary actions are being taken against them by the authorities.... Read more »

Large crowd gathers to meet Trudeau in Edmonton

Justin Trudeau is hosting a town hall meeting in Edmonton at the Robbins Health Learning Centre. Registration for the event started at 5 pm and the lineup has doubled up for at least... Read more »