Serena Williams a Pathetic Example of Victimhood

Oh, so you must have heard by now that Serena Williams, the decorated tennis star, went into a tirade of allegations and victimhood during the final of the US open. While left-wingers... Read more »

Trudeau’s Embarrassing Tough Talk Could Hurt Canada at Trade

Canadians cheered, people clapped, leftists smiled, and bigots raised their hats in appreciation when Justin Trudeau mentioned that he wouldn’t let Canada and himself be pushed around by the President of the... Read more »

Trump Rightly Calls New York Times Editor Gutless

The anonymous editorial from New York Times has left the whole political world in a muddle. Who could it be? Who’s the imposter painting this rather misconstrued image of the Trump administration?... Read more »

Statue of John A. MacDonald Removed by Radical B.C. Politicians

Radical leftist politicians in Victoria, B.C., have removed a statue of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, from outside the offices of City Hall. In another attempt to rewrite Canada’s... Read more »

#JustDoIt: Nike and Colin Kaepernick need to learn the true meaning of sacrificing everything

President Donald Trump sacrificed his multi-Billion dollar business to become the President of the United States for no wage, even though that’s lots he still didn’t sacrifice EVERYTHING. Colin Kaepernick sacrificed his... Read more »

Rachel Notley celebrates Colin Kaepernick’s ‘Just Do It’ ad

“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” That’s the controversial ad Nike released starring the subject of their boycott that started just days ago, Colin Kaepernick. Nike hired NFL’r Kaepernick... Read more »

Democrats Turn Foul: Interrupt Kavanaugh Hearings Nearly 60 Times in the First Hour

The hearings for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation have turned into a major issue for Democrats, as they seem to be in no mood to let the confirmation proceed in a hassle-free manner. Before... Read more »

NAFTA or Ego? Trudeau the Egotist Faces a Unique Conundrum

After more than a year of efforts trying to resolve the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), both Canada and United States are still at a deadlock – at least, as of... Read more »

Nike on the Knees with Kaepernick

When people decide to go to a game, they want to see athletes fighting it out against each other, not some delusional anti-American, social justice warrior bending on his knees and protesting.... Read more »

Trudeau tells Edmonton he won’t be using ‘legislative tricks’ to build Kinder Morgan

Justin Trudeau arrived in Edmonton today to meet with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley after approving anti-pipeline city Vancouver for more than $1 billion to revamp their metro system. Trudeau talked to the... Read more »