Obama Talks about Himself 79 Times While Supposedly Campaigning for Other Candidates

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Obama Fact Checked by AP for Not Always Telling the True Story

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Was Hillary Clinton the Worst Presidential Candidate Ever? Here are 4 Reasons Why She Was

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Newspaper Illustrator Gets Death Threats for Printing Serena Williams Cartoon

Illustrator Mark Knight has gotten a lot of slack from the peaceful left for his caricature of Serena Williams, which is said to depict an ape – although we can’t find the... Read more »

Google Executives Criticize Trump In Leaked Tape During Conservative Bias Crisis

Tech giant Google received backlash on social media after Breitbart published leaked tapes showing senior officials criticizing Donald Trump’s election victory. The tape was released amid conservative bias crisis from nearly every... Read more »

Obama’s Sad California Rally a Sign of What is to Come for Democrats

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Joe Scarborough Caused Many People To #WalkAway

MSNBC’s Host of “Morning Joe” Joe Scarborough, caused many people to use the #walkaway hashtag on Twitter. Scarborough wrote an article attacking President Donald Trump using the title “Trump is harming the... Read more »

Obama’s crowd size proves the thrill is gone

The thrill is gone. Ex-President Barack Hussain Obama is no more the celebrity he used to be. Last weekend saw Obama pushing the agenda forth for Democrats in the November election. He... Read more »

Increasing Wage Growth: 201,000 New Jobs Added in August

Donald Trump has proved to be far better and resilient than what they expected of him. The economy is now under immense control, and every month we see the addition of 200,000... Read more »

Tucker Questions ‘Diversity is Strength’ Narrative

Regardless of what argument you present in front of leftist hate mongers, they always come back with the narrative of ‘diversity is strength’. This one phrase is used as a Trump card... Read more »