Brian Mulroney draws an ace

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney sees an ace where many other Canadians may only see a deuce. The latest talks between current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump drew... Read more »

Elizabeth May orders a Green Party investigation into her own behavior

The Toronto Star and The Hill Times both published accounts of ex-staffers who claimed that Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party, was guilty of workplace bullying and creating a toxic... Read more »

TFWs spark debate

A report this week by Global News reveals a disturbing trend. Temporary Foreign Workers, part of a federal government program to fill jobs Canadians don’t want, are staying longer. The report says the... Read more »

Syrian Refugees want to leave Canada due to lack of Government support, agencies ask Canadians to help

In a recent report on CBC some Government sponsored Syrian refugees want to go back to their camps in Jordan. One mother of a family said they’ve been living in hotel in... Read more »

Trudeau stays clear of Trump in Davos with Rubber Ducky socks

Justin Trudeau said he didn’t seek out President Donald Trump because he’s sees him enough on other occasions. Rubber Ducky was Trudeau theme of choice for socks during the event. The two... Read more »

Melania Trump goes after fake news and says reports are ‘flat-out false’

First Lady Melania Trump’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, took to Twitter to call out a false reports on her from the mainstream media. Grisham said the First Lady is busy focusing on Family... Read more »

Kent Hehr Plans on holding his Position as Calgary MP after Resigning from Cabine for sexual Harassment Claims

MP for Calgary Center, Kent Hehr is adamant on remaining on the position after the resignation from the cabinet upon sexual harassment claims (still pending). “I have been informed that an investigation... Read more »

Trudeau represents Canada with Rubber Ducky socks and Twitter users go nuts

Justin Trudeau decided to wear rubber ducky this time to represent Canada at Davos. While many disagree with Trudeau on his choice of socks, some Twitter users went absolutely nuts for the... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh calls to decriminalize all drugs including deadly drugs

Just before the federal NDP party chooses their new leader to replace current leader Thomas Mulcair, candidate Jagmeet Singh makes an announcement that could make or break him. Singh calls to decriminalize... Read more »